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What’s Shaka Kong look like? No one can really tell. He’s chonging 24x7 like a machine so just like a choo-choo train, there’s always a clouds of smoke hovering around his head n pouring out his banana muncher! Guess you’ll have to find out what he looks like under there by ordering one!! For the smoke cloud effect I had to attach it loosely as possible, so unfortunately it comes off with the sneeze of a mouse... oh wells!!!
Hand sculpted by Keidi Merekivi

•Hand cast resin
•Hand painted
•5pts magnetic articulation
•Shaka Bong accessory
•Weed cloud accessory
•Jar of weed accessory
•Surfboard accessory
•Acrylic window resealable box
•Shaka Kong sticker

This pre order runs until 6/14. All pieces are hand made in a painstaking manner with uttermost attention to detail. All orders will ship 8/15/2019 with tracking info.