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It's only been one week and we've already moved 30 seconds closer to midnight on the Doomsday Clock... What or who could do such a thing?! He is the APOCAL-POTUS!!!! That's right true believers!!! The worlds gonna fuckin end real soon and this monster will be responsible!! As the twitter rage grows his hands become "yuge" while entering the atomic codes for launch. How dare a random citizen in Prague make a silly drawing of APOCALYPSE-POTUS in a dress!!!! GOOD FUCKING BYE CRUEL WORLD!!
Featuring card art by the legendary hxc artist Linus Garsys (AFI, Green Day, Tiger Army, American Nightmare), Dropping in an edition of 10!!Hand painted, hand cast, magnet articulated and the finest hair piece sourced from my cats stomach!!! Don't miss out!! Don't drag ass!! Buy one before APOCAL-POTUS kills us all!! Like really though, he prolly will.